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Our expert Meriden locksmith professionals have a few prevention tips that may help you enjoy that extended vacation without any worries.

  • Prevent rather than solve

Statistics show that a house in four in the US is provided with an alarm system. Is yours? But before worrying about that, call our Meriden locksmith specialists, ask them to come over and assess your security risks. We will be able to find spots that pose a serious burglary threat, which you weren’t even aware existed. And what about those locks? Are they outdated and not working well? Meriden locksmith can fix all that. Most people are relying these days on deadbolt locks and they are right to do so. A reliable locksmith will provide all the solutions that may help secure both your doors and windows. Remember, you don’t have to transform your residence into a stronghold, but the right level of security from Meriden locksmith will be just the right protection.

  • Don’t leave objects out in the yard

Many people overlook those objects left in the front yard. If you have a bike or any piece of equipment, you should lock it in your garage when you leave the home. Leaving things on your front lawn will only invite thieves in.

  • Make them believe there is someone inside the house

It may be the oldest trick in the book, but it still works. A half of the home invasions occurring while owners are on vacation could be prevented if people had an automated lighting system in place. Meriden locksmith can help with fixing a system that will randomly turn lights on around the house at night.